Tips You need To Know Before Buying Portable Hyperbaric Chamber   Leave a comment

Hyperbaric chambers are used all over to fight against many diseases. It provide the oxygen therapy with the proven result that includes autism treatment, give heal to the wounds, infection of the tissues and the help to cure from the burns.

Here the question comes do you really need to own a home hyperbaric chamber?

There are some instructions that you need to know before going for the portable hyperbaric chambers.

  1. Hyperbaric chambers are meant for the specific uses only. It is not that you can use it anytime. Before using also, you must be very careful to know the level of the pressure that is to be applied and get to know the purpose for which you are using the chamber.
  2. Get to know the maximum pressure of the chamber. It is generally measured in terms of “ata” or “psi”. You can choose the mild chambers as they do not apply the same pressure as that of the professional one. So, the risk involvement is low.
  3. Get to know about the length, inflated diameter, and also the width of the chamber. Know the total operation of the system along with the inflation and deflation methodology.
  4. Check the weight of the home hyperbaric chamber, so that you can carry it safely to your home.
  5. Before you purchase the one of your choice, go through the guidelines very carefully and get a test if possible. At least be sure that you feel comfortable inside the chamber and are not suffering from claustrophobia.
  6. Ask for the verification and the safety records of the portable hyperbaric chambers that they are selling.

Lastly you can always have the option of leasing one for your own use. Hire it and use it for some days or months. If you find its solving your problem, you can always buy a new one.


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